Won 3 golds at the Ottawa West High SchoolTrack and Field Meet

I was so surprised to be called down to the Principal’s office during class yesterday.  When I got there I was told I was having an interview on the phone with the Citizen Newspaper and then a little later their photographer came and took my picture.  It was funny since it was the same photographer that took my pictures for the Taekwon-Do articles.

On Thursday I had my first official high school track and field meet and I won in all three of my throwing events.  This is all new to me so it’s exciting to learn new things.  Ms. Rusch at John McCrae has really been good to me and showing me how to do things.  It was because of her encouragement and coaching that I was able to throw the last javelin as far as I did.  I was shocked I broke a record.  I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with more coaching and practice.  It’s such a short season at school that it’s hard to improve that much.  The spinning before the throws is actually very similar so some of the spinning movements in some of the spinning kicks that I’ve done  in taekwon-do for years so I guess it makes sense.  I don’t get dizzy the way some people do and it just feels natural now.   It’s amazing how all the sports I do are somehow connected to taekwon-do.

To see the article that was in the Ottawa Citizen today.…  I have another track meet next week as well.



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  1. Congrats! and good luck at the next meet!
    Cameron is testing tomorrow for his red stripe. Hopefully in a year plus you will be here with him testing for his black belt!

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