What Motivates YOU To Train?

Why do you train so much?  This is a question that I get asked all the time and it made me wonder why others train. Every one has their own reason.

Here are 5 of the reasons why some people train:

1. To Look Our Best/Lose Weight

About two months ago we had a new young couple joined our kick boxing classes at Team Blackburn.  When I first met Benoit and Caroline, they were shy and looked nervous.  This was something that was obviously completely new to the them.  I couldn’t help but stare at them all the time since they were such a cute couple.  They were always encouraging and helping each other.  It was because of their commitment to each other and support that they drastically improved very quickly!  After getting to know them a bit better I learned that they are getting married next week and they wanted to get in shape for their ‘big’ day.  Ben had already lost 33 pounds prior to joining the class but he wanted to be able to do something together.  Caroline wanted to look her best in her bridal gown.  They both said that the training had given them more self confidence and they felt really good physically.  At first the purpose was to ‘look’ their best for the wedding but now they also love the ‘feeling’  they get from the kick boxing and will continue with the program even after their wedding.  Last night was one of the last classes that I would see them before their wedding so I brought in a veil and a grooms pin for them as a joke.  They were so cute and put the stuff on right away and wore it throughout the whole class.  Congratulations on your wedding and we look forward to you coming back as Mr. and Mrs.  🙂





2. To Have Fun

I love training with little kids since they have no idea of the benefits.  They just think they’re playing 🙂  I encourage parents to enroll their kids in as many different activities as possible when they’re young since you never know what will interest them or why.  I started TKD when I was only 3 years old. Who knew it would end up being the most important thing in my life.  Sports/training teaches discipline, healthy lifestyle choices, confidence, respect and it’s a great way to meet friends.  One of the best benefits from training as kids are the social skills that they learn.



3. To Improve or Maintain Health

One of the things that I love about TKD is that it’s an art that people of all ages do.   We have students who train and instruct well into the their 60’s.  It inspires me to see this since and I know I want to be just as active for the rest of my life.  I love training with my dad. He also has his black belt. Dad trains to help with stress relief and to keep healthy.  I enjoy training and cross training with him since it gives us more time together and it creates a very special bond.

bridgette tkdtraining 064


 4. To Make the Team

Sports are so competitive now that you have to train 12 months of the year just to keep up or to hold your spot on a team.  Practicing the few times a week with the team isn’t enough.  I lead a weekly fitness bootcamp and these guys are doing it give themselves the extra edge.  I’m so impressed with them since they are completely doing it voluntarily and I can already see an improvement and I love the bond between the guys.  They are always cheering each other on.  At first I was a bit nervous since I’m only a year or two older than them and I wondered if they would take me seriously.   For a teenage guy to be out at a field for 8:30 in the morning to train…they are definitely driven!  As teens get older and the competition gets tougher you have go the extra mile on your own if you want those scholarships or even just be on the team.  Cross training is so important  for an overall strength which also dramatically reduces the risks of injury.  Since I’ve played just about every sport I appreciate the overall strength and body coordination that TKD has given me.  So many athletes are amazing at their one event but they lack an overall fitness.  Coaches now expect more from the players.  Once again, the key is to make it FUN  and have variety so you want to keep doing it 🙂



 5.  For the Sheer Love It!!!!  🙂

People may think I’m training so much to defend my title at the next World Championships.  Part of that is true…but the real reason is that there isn’t anything else that I would rather be doing.  The thing that keeps me going and the thing that emotionally connects me to my training is finding my `happy place”.  As soon as I find it, nothing can touch me and I can go for hours.   It’s my CHOICE to be there!!!!

I train for myself so I can be as good as I can be.  I always expect more from myself than any coach ever does.  I can’t worry about what  my competitors are doing.  I can only control what I do and you can be sure I always give 110%.  Wearing the TEAM CANADA uniform is a huge honour and I’ve trained all my life for this privilege.

I love the satisfaction and the feeling of accomplishment of seeing the smallest improvement.  I love the frustration of new challenges until I conquer them.  I love the smile on the faces of someone who has been motivated. I love the pride and exhaustion I feel after a tough workout knowing I didn’t give up.  I love the rush I get when I visualize myself standing on the podium in Spain 🙂 I love feeling the passion in my heart and seeing it in others. I love feeling in control of my body and feeling confident. This is why I train.




Over the past few years, I have learned a very important lesson. Your reason to train doesn’t always have to be the same from day to day. I train with my friends sometimes just to have fun without being competitive; I train seriously and hard core for competition; I train to escape and find some inner peace; I train to blow off some steam; I train to improve my health and confidence; I train just to simply enjoy it.  I think that when you train for many reasons, you won’t grow tired of what you are doing because your mental and emotional state won’t always be the same.

I have also learned, and am still learning that at the end of the day, you have to truly enjoy what you are doing or what’s the point? It’s easy to lose sight of that, stress out,  tense up and take it too seriously. Trust me, I know. So go back to WHY you like what ever it is you do and go back to the FUN aspect.

What’s your reason to train?  It really doesn’t matter since there is no right or wrong answer, as long as it works for you.




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