West Conference High School Championships 2012

I had a great day.  I beat the old Junior Girls Javelin record for this meet by 4 metres from 2002!!!!!!

Javelin – 1st Place

It felt really good  that my whole family was there to see it.  I could tell that Bill (my coach from the Lions Club) was really happy and so was my school coach Ms. Rusch.

As soon as the measuring assistants in the field thought it was further than the previous meet record they had to call an Official (Mr. Barkley Frost) to come and measure.  It seemed to take forever but they have to make sure it is measured properly.

The purpose of the this meet is to be in the top 8 so you can qualify for next week`s meet.  Once I broke the record I stopped throwing since my shoulder was starting to hurt.  My shoulder and back have been really sore since last week and I was really nervous for today.  I was hoping I wasn’t injured in any way.  I wanted to save it for the next two events.  It obviously would have been fun to keep throwing to see if I could throw even further but it wouldn’t be worth it in the long run.  I worked hard on my foot work with Bill last weekend to rest my shoulder and my run-up felt way more comfortable today.  I was still definitely holding back with the throw. It was like my body was subconsciously doing things and holding back to protect my shoulder.

Shot Put – 1st Place

My mom had to leave to go to work so I don`t have any pictures of the shot put.  This throw is the least painful with my shoulder.  As soon as I got a good distance I once again I passed my last throw.  I really need to listen to my body.  I was happy to win first place and I was pleased with my distances.

Discus – 2nd Place

This event is my most challenging since I’ve had the least amount of training in it and there is a lot to coordinate.  I only took my three throws and passed my last one when I knew I would be in the top 8.  It can be risky passing your throws since anyone can have one really good throw after you and bump your placement.  Being the competitive person that I am it was really tempting to take my last to see if I could have thrown further but I could tell with my last throw that I needed to stop.

I`m also training hard gearing up to the Taekwon-Do Pan Am Championships in June.  Between all the hours at the dojang and the hours at the track for three throwing events I`m not surprised I`m sore. 

To be on the safe side I went back to my physiotherapist  Dr. Aiello for a quick check right after the meet.  I just don`t want to do anything stupid at this point to ruin not only my season but ruin my TKD sanctioned events leading up to the next World Championships.  He gave me some acupuncture and deep massage and gave me the good news that there wasn’t anything really seriously wrong. I just have over-used and tight muscles that are pulling and pinching which is causing the pain. I just need to make sure that I am careful and listen to my body for the next week or so to make sure I don`t end up injured.  I`ll work on my footwork but limit my throwing for the next week.  It looks like ice packs will be my best friend for the next little while 🙂

I won the Overall Junior Girls Award for this meet