Waiting for My MRI Results

My knee hasn’t gotten any better in almost three weeks after I overextended it in a soccer practice.  It’s so weird how a simple awkward motion can cause so much trouble.  I was really happy after seeing the Sports Medicine Specialist since he got me an MRI right away.   I’ve discovered I’m not very patient when it comes to waiting to get the results 🙂  I just want to fix whatever is necessary so I can get back to normal. I miss my activities so much.  The other night I went to sit in the dojang for a while just since I miss it so much and I actually miss the ‘smell’  haha. There are  World class athletes  from the States coming to train with me after meeting them at Worlds in New Zealand. I really hope I’m better in time because they come in a couple of weeks. I was really looking forward to it and this knee is making it pretty depressing.

I’m also so mad that this is the beginning of my soccer season and I’ve already missed three important games.

I just got back from Toronto and it was frustrating sitting on the bench just watching but it was still good to be with my team mates to cheer them on.  Being part of a team is not just about the 90 minute games you play but it’s about the bonding you get during traveling, practices and living together.  It’s about learning from our mistakes and correcting them for the next game.

I missed our first game since I had to be here in Ottawa for the MRI but as soon as it was done we drove to Toronto to meet up with the team.  When I got there everyone was REALLY low since the game had not gone well at all.  Not only because of the score but also because they weren’t happy with the way they played.

We had the rest of the day, night and the next morning to make a shift in our attitude.  We spent all our time talking in a closed off room.  It was encouraging to hear what everyone had to say.  It was great since it wasn’t about blaming – we turned it into a positive experience.

This morning when we went to the field you could just tell it was going to be a better game.  Everyone was happy, motivated and ready to play as a team and one big unit.

Since I still couldn’t play it was my job to be the team cheerleader from the bench.  All my friends said it really helped so at least that makes me feel better. I personally think I should take it up professionally 🙂 I was really proud to see my team dig deep and work for each other. It was nice to watch and the win was the cherry on top!

I will get my results this week and then I’ll know what I’m dealing with and how soon I can get back on the field.

I’m not a violent person by any means but I really miss kicking things right now whether it’s a soccer ball or a kicking a sparring partner 🙂

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  1. Hang in there Kayla – don’t rush or your will re-injure yourself. Stop by Trigger’s for a visit if you are available – we would love to see you. Cameron will be training Saturday and Sunday.

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