Triggers TKD Helped Me With My Power Breaking

Ms. Triggers competed in 1994 at the World Championships for Power Breaking so I’m lucky that she offered to help me with my technique.  It’s such a hard event to train for since you can really hurt yourself in the process.  When you break the boards properly it doesn’t hurt, but trust me….it kills if you don’t use the right technique.  You get a real rush as you cut through the boards.

Tonight we practiced for two hours straight and my hand and foot feel a bit tingly but that’s all.  First I practiced on a shield to get my measurement and technique to perfection.  I was glad my brother Greg came to hold the pad for me so Ms. Trigger could stand by and critique everything.

Then it was time to chop all the wood that the Home Depot gave me.  The biggest mission for tonight was to get over the fear of the metal holder.  In Vancouver I put everything I had left in me into my last kick and ended up kicking the metal holder instead of the board since I didn’t measure properly and I NEVER want to do that again!!

At the Worlds I have three different breaking techniques that I have to use:  Knife Hand, Side Piercing Kick and a Turning Kick.  I was able to do all the techniques tonight so that helped with my confidence.

My brother holds the pad while I warm up
Knife Hand Technique
Side Piercing Kick
Turning Kick

I know I could have broken more boards but it’s just not worth the risk to injury so close to competition. From now on I will just be training with shields.  Ms. Triggers also wants me to work more on visualization when it comes to the technique.

I really prefer to break wood but now at competition you break plastic boards.  They are harder since unless you hit them directly on the seam, they just won’t break.

The plastic board is like a high tension jig-saw puzzle
The board will only break if it's hit right on the locking system

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