Travelling to Bendiform with Team Canada for the ITF TKD World Championships

Sunday, October 20th

I couldn’t believe the day was finally here I was going to Spain.  Since Canada is such a huge country it’s hard and expensive for the athletes to travel together.  Canada has 63 competitors from coast to coast.  Competitors from Ontario and parts of Quebec took a shuttle bus to Dorval airport where we met up with other athletes from the East Coast.  It was so exciting seeing all my team mates wearing our red TEAM CANADA track suites.  We really stood out in the airport.  Everyone was so excited and happy to see each other.  The only thing that I found hard was saying good-bye to my brother and his girlfriend since they couldn’t come with us 🙁

After a 2 hour bus ride to Montreal, then a 7.5  hour flight to Paris, we had to take another 2 hour flight to Valencia followed by another 2 hour bus ride to Benidorm.  I love to travel but I was feeling so nauseous with motion sickness!  It was such a looooong day!


It was really hard saying good-bye to my brother Greg and his girlfriend Angela


On my way with Mom and Dad
First a two hour bus ride from Ottawa to the Dorval airport in Montreal
We met up with more and more team mates at every leg of the trip since competitors are from all across Canada
My best friend Stephanie Boivin and her boyfriend met me at the Dorval airport where she gave me personal letters to open every night. It feels so weird with her not coming since we were inseparable at the last World Championships together. She put TKD on hold for a bit since she just completed her first full Ironman and that required all her time for that training.
I started to blog right away since I didn’t want to forget anything. I always have fun with Alex Matta
After a long 7.5 hour flight from Montreal to Paris we had to take another 2 hour flight from Paris to Valencia Spain
I knew my stomach wasn’t going to like the motion in this plane ride 🙁
Arriving in Valencia Spain we had another 2 hour bus ride to Benidorm
Everyone was exhausted and just slept since it had been such a loooong day of travelling
Arriving at our beautiful hotel in Benidorm.