And the Tournament Season Begins….

It feels so good to train again.¬† Mr. LeGrow and I have gone over my training schedule to prepare for the upcoming tournament season. This is a qualifying year to make the National team for the Next World Championships held in Italy 2015 so the journey begins again. ūüôā¬† It will be another year of travelling from coast to coast and down to the US.

My first tournament will be in at the beginning of April in Connecticut, USA. It’s not a sanctioned event but I haven’t competed since the last World Championships and I¬† think it will be a great way to kick start my competition season.¬† It’s my first tournament in the adult division (ages 18-34).¬† I am nervous but really excited. This could be a very humbling experience ūüôā It will just help me with my game plan and adjustments that will need to be made so I¬†can set myself up for success this year. It’s all a learning experience and about growth.

Since Mr. LeGrow just had knee surgery today, the black belts are taking turns teaching the TKD classes as well as the kick boxing classes for a few weeks.¬† I hope he can relax and heal properly knowing that we all support him and will do whatever is necessary until he returns ūüôā¬† The last thing we want him to do is to rush it and try to do too much, too soon.

Tonight I taught a patterns class where we focussed on isolating¬†specific muscles and movements that are required in¬†patterns.¬†There¬†are so many¬†drills that can be done to help with patterns but people rarely do them. ¬†¬†We did movements in¬†S-L-O-W motion to gain body control and build the needed¬†muscles.¬† Most of the students were black belts tonight but I wanted to go back to the basics.¬† I did a lot of the drills that I do by the hour on my own. It’s these trainings that make the difference. They were surprised how hard it was on their hips, abs and leg and arms.¬† Everything burns so you really have to take the time for a good stretch after.




I love teaching kick boxing classes too because we can put on music, wear comfortable clothes¬†and have a variety of drills.¬† It’s also fun to have other people join us who don’t do TKD at all. Everyone can just go at their own pace and fitness level. I like creating¬†a circuit of drills to keep things interesting.

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  1. It looks like you have the classes under control, well organized & you are on top of with the training…! That should put Mr LeGrow’s mind at ease..!

    Great work Kayla !

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