TKD Training in Montreal

I went to Montreal this weekend for a soccer tournament but I also wanted to take advantage of training with Mr. Primeau from Samguk TKD in Longueuil.  Mr. Primeau often comes to train in our dojang in Ottawa so it was nice to visit him at his school.  Friday night he worked us very hard for two hours with lots of cardio and kicking techniques.  We also did quite a bit of board breaking but I concentrated on knife hand breaks.  You aren’t supposed to break boards with your hands until you are 15 years old since the bones in your  hands are still developing.  I am hoping to also qualify for Worlds in Power Technique so I have to start practicing now even if  it’s a bit early.  I was surprised that I could break with both hands.  It actually really hurt. I had to practice about ten times on each hand and after a couple, each time it became more and more painful. My hands we tingly and aching and pulsing with pain.    It was kinda scary going into another school when I didn’t know anyone but the instructor and the entire class was instructed in french.  It’s time like this that I’m glad I’m  in Full French Immersion 🙂  I was paired up with a 28 year old man who was very strong and big and didn’t speak a word of English.   Since we had never met before it’s hard to know each others limits and training habits but I could tell he was working just as hard as I was!  The sweat was flying everywhere :).

When I got back to the hotel all my soccer team was there.  I had to change from TKD mode into soccer mode.  I did however have to soak my hands in ice for a while since they were still hurting quite a bit and were already bruised.

I really wanted to train with Mr. Primeau again on Saturday afternoon since it was competition training and my intructor Mr. Legrow was also there with other competitors that I know.  I like to get to know the girls from other Provinces.  Suddenly when you are trying out for a National team there are no boundaries of Provinces.

I had two soccer games on Saturday so I was only able to pop in to say “hi” to everyone at the dojang since the times conflicted.  I also had to stay focused for my soccer and save my energy.  It’s hard when you want to be in two places at the same time.

In total we had three soccer games.  We won 2 and lost 1. The weather was freezing cold and pouring rain the whole time and the games were all outdoors!!

I really enjoyed my weekend.