TKD Meets Ottawa Science Fair

This has been an extremely busy two weeks so I’m a bit behind in my blog.  Last week I qualified for the Finals at the Ottawa Science Fair along with 200 other students in grade 8 to grade 12 from all over Ottawa.  My topic was on “The Theory of Power” which is all related to what I’ve learned in Tae-kwon-Do.  I had so much fun demonstrating the proper technique of board breaking and how you can apply the same theories to other sports.  It may not have been the most scientific project there and it may not be finding a medical cure but I had lots of fun getting the judges involved with my presentation.  I was so excited and shocked when they called my name up for and Honorable Mention!  The whole atmosphere and experience was completely out of my comfort zone.  It was cool to be able to mix my passion of sports with school work.