TKD Canadian Eastern Championships 2013

Last weekend was the Canadian Eastern Championships and I had such a great time! Even though my training has been going extremely well I have to admit, I was pretty nervous because it has been a while since I’ve competed. As soon as I walked into the big room, saw the mats, the flags and all the familiar surroundings I got a funny feeling in my stomach. I enjoyed catching up with the Masters and Instructors from the Eastern Provinces. A lot of them knew about the speaking I have been doing on ‘goal setting’ so we had lots to talk about and I loved hearing about what they were doing too 🙂  It was great to see Team Canada team mates as well! We keep in touch, but it can be difficult when we are all so spread out.

Canadian Eastern Championships 2013 391

I judged for a large portion of the morning which was fun. I was center referee most of the time, and it was all in French so my brain got a  good workout trying to remember all the terminology and commands in French :p

In the afternoon, I won 2 gold medals when it was my turn to compete. For patterns, I won my division and then had the chance to have an exhibition match against the winner of the women’s 3rd degree patterns division.  Audrey De Ladurantaye has been on Team Canada for several years and has been a medalist multiple times for Team Patterns on the International Stage.  Since it was an extra exhibition match for more experience I got the chance to talk to all the judges and got their feedback. This was SO helpful because all I want is to improve and be the best that I can be so I was extremely appreciative of the advice I received.  It was also the validation of the things that I am doing properly.  I know all these IIC’s, seminars, extra training and tournaments will pay off towards my big goals.

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I won my sparring division. I was curious to see how I would spar in a high pressure situation with all the training I have been doing. I have been working on movement and a few new strategies so I was hoping they would come out in competition and they did. Each time I enter the ring, I feel like I am improving even more and breaking down my own walls that hold me back. I still have a lot of  work to do, and I am excited to see the progression continue. I always just want to make sure my points are clean with no warnings.

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Canadian Eastern Championships 2013 684

This tournament was great for me to have a bench mark for Nationals next month and to get some more feedback. Nationals is where it all counts since that is also the qualifying tournament for the 2013 National Team.  I am excited to meet up with the Western Provinces there as well.  I haven’t competed against them since the Pan Am Championships. There will also be more competitors from the East that couldn’t make it to this tournament.  It’s very expensive if you have to fly to these sanctioned events. I  know what I need to work on, so now it is back to the dojang!  I am very excited. 🙂

Canadian Eastern Championships 2013 729
Double Gold

I was so happy  for all my friends and team mates who competed. You all did a great job and should be proud of yourselves. It was great watching the high calibre of competitors in the room. It’s inspiring, because I look up to so many of the higher degrees because they are such nice people and extremely talented.

My mom didn’t have a photographers pass so she didn’t have access to all the rings. She is sorry that she doesn’t have pictures of everyone.

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