This is Why I Love Taekwon-Do

Wow, tonight was an awesome training session.  I started with my regular class and then I taught the ladies Fitness Kickboxing class which is always fun and a good workout.  I like it since I get to use all the basics of  TKD but it’s so much fun with the loud music.

Halfway through the class one of my oldest training buddies showed up.  Max Riopelle is like a big brother to me.  I’ve trained with him my whole life and I always idolized him.  He is the military now so I hardly see him anymore but whenever he comes to town we always get together to train.

Max competed in the World Championships in Malaysia when he was only 16 years old and I will never forget the day my family drove him to the airport.  We were so proud of him and I was wishing so badly that I was going with him.  That was probably the first time it really hit me how much I wanted to be on the National Team.  I remember he was wearing all the national clothes and I thought he was ‘so cool’.  Now I can’t believe it’s going to be my turn.

Tonight was so special since it was all my favorite people all in one room just enjoying some casual sparring, people working on their own patterns, stretching and chilling to some good music.  I didn’t want it to end.

The good thing is Max will be in town for three weeks so hopefully I can have some really good work out sessions with him.  He is so strong from the military it kinda scares me to spar him but it will pay off.

I can’t wait to get back to the dojang tomorrow.  Mr LeGrow said he would take my patterns apart one movement at a time.  I absolutely love that kind of training.  He also warned me that I’ll be very sore after.  It’s the kind of training that he did with Mr. Goh before he went to the World Championships and it paid off for him.

I’m so glad school will be over on Friday so I can just go to the dojang and train as much as I want over the holidays.

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