The Turning Point in My Recovery!!! :)

What a great night!!! I started by going to physio and got some really hopeful news. My ankle is getting better and healing nicely so I get to slowly start trying some of my normal workout activities to test my ankle out and to start getting back into certain aspects of my training that won’t hurt my ankle.

At javelin tonight, I got to try some of my running drills and my ankle was feeling good so I was more than excited!  I was able to pick up some speed and started to feel the rush. It’s so cool because I was going so fast and the adrenaline kicked in and I really wanted to just explode and let the javelin fly. It was amazing for my confidence and attitude towards the injury.  It was also a great night for everyone in the javelin group.  We all had our own little eureka moments and I think coach Bill was happy with everything too 🙂

I’m being patient, optimistic and trying to stay mentally focused in my sports even though I’m not participating fully. That way, when I get back it won’t feel like I missed 4 or 5 weeks.

It’s so convenient that Dr. Aiello works in the same dome as I train with the Lions Track and Field club.  After my physio session was over I was told to go to the track and try specific drills which was exciting  and then I had to go back to report how everything felt. It was reassuring that I was progressing and not doing any  damage.

I still can’t play soccer or do much taekwon-do because they are such impact sports and require a lot of pivoting but I can start doing some javelin drills to ease my way back into things. I can’t wait to get back to all of my sports. I miss playing soccer and taekwon-do so much.  It’s reassuring because I feel like I have a full team of people helping me heal and get better.  I still feel apart of everything.  Tonight was a fantastic start and turning point in my recovery and it’s only going to get better!  🙂  🙂