Teaching Fitness Bootcamps this Summer

One of my personal highlights this summer has been leading weekly fitness boot camps for a 15 yr old boy’s NEXT LEVEL  basketball team.  These guys are amazing.  I love how eager they are every week and how they encourage each other.  I appreciate how they really want to improve and get an overall physical strength so they’re better on the court.

This experience has forced me to research specific fitness drills that are designed for the needs of basketball players so it’s relevant to  them.  I also incorporate all the drills that I’ve learned from my coaches, instructors and personal trainers over the years.  I have to try things on my own first to make sure the program makes sense so it’s also giving me an extra training which is always a good thing.  I love being creative and coming up with new drills using the park as my gym.

The challenge is to find the balance of keeping it fun so they want to keep coming back but also hard enough for them to see an improvement in their results and make it worthwhile.

The cool thing about this is that they are all on the same team but it’s not mandatory.  If they’re there, it’s because they want to be 🙂