Special Women’s OnlyTraining with Master Suarez

Master Ruben Suarez 8th degree black belt from Queens New York, USA, was here for Master Norman’s Seminar.

Ha Tang (NYC), Agapi (Montreal), Master Suarez (Queens NY), Mr. LeGrow. Kayla Maduk and Lisa Perry

Master Suarez was extremely generous and gave a unique sparring training on the Sunday for the women that were in town for the seminar.   It’s so hard to find girls to train and spar with and it’s so important because women move and spar differently than men. I have to say…The dojang smelt a lot better.!!!  Same amount of sweat,  just NO BAD SMELL 🙂

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The training was all on foot work, counter attacks and combinations. We focused on two main types of movement that day.

First we worked on the foot work

Then we added a counter attack to it.

After we were comfortable with it, we moved to practicing on a shield.

Finally, we practiced with a partner.

I loved how Master Suarez ran the training. Every drill was timed, so we pushed for a minute or two, and then had 20 seconds off for recovery. I am really excited about some of the things that I was able to pick up.  I was absolutely exhausted from all the training, but It was totally worth it!!

Next week at the IIC, I am going a few days earlier so I will get to train at his TKD school for a night. The more people I can spar the better right now.

I have a new training partner!!  Her name is Lisa Perry.  Lisa is 27 years old and is a 2nd degree.  Lisa has been to 3 World Championships, took a break to focus on school and work and now is back training again. She’s great and is making her big come back.  ! She works really hard, has the same drive as me and we can really push each other. We get along really well too, so it’s great to have another girl in the dojang to train hard with.

Before the Women’s Only portion Master Suarez went through some of  Mr. LeGrows patterns with him.  It was incredible to watch such skilled patterns and it was awesome to see the unity.  Great job Mr. LeGrow.




Thanks again Mr. LeGrow for organizing this and thank you Master Saurez for your time.  I look forward to seeing you again next week 🙂


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  1. It seems to have been a very productive training & by the pictures we can see the girls demonstrated a lot of energy & strength…!

    Nice Job Ladies…!

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