Share Your Passion With Others

As I worked out yesterday morning in the park with my dad, there was a family having their Canada Day picnic and I didn’t even realize it, but apparently they were watching us train for over an hour.  I was so focused on my training.
I’m so lucky that my dad was with me to hold the shields while I did my punching and kicking drills. He also did my downward pyramid with me.  The beauty of doing circuit training is that you can go at your own speed and do everything to the best of your ability.
Getting back to this adorable family…..the two young girls (about 6 & 8 years old) were very curious about what I was doing and kept coming closer and closer to watch.  It was so sweet! Then they starting to ask all sorts of questions. 🙂  The mom had also done martial arts in the past and also starting to ask a lot of questions which was awesome.  They were genuinely interested.
When I finished my workout the girls wanted to try hitting the sheild.  I could tell that they were very nervous and a bit shy but at the same time they were very eager.  After a few simple instructions they were naturals!!! I love this stuff!
You don’t need to be in a fancy gym to have a good workout or to meet new people. This was an awesome experience because now I will have another family following my journey…The whole community really comes together and that family was such a great reminder of why I love doing what I do and how proud I am to be on the National Team. 🙂
Ironically later that night I was part of new movement for the Ottawa Lions called ‘”Youths Are Our Legacy’ and this is a perfect example that these kids are our future.  Hopefully they will continue to grow with confidence and the eagerness to learn and try new things 🙂