Selling my Custom “Believe” Hoodies – A Dream Come True

A few years ago I custom made my own hot pink hoodie with “believe” written on the front,” Canada” down the sleeve, and my website on the back.

Game face on with my hoodie at the World Championships

I made the hoodie for a few different reasons:

First, I wanted to bring “swag” for girls in TKD. It was almost a statement for girls in the sport that it’s a GOOD thing to be strong, confident and fierce in the ring.

Secondly, it was to help me with my own confidence! I wear it to every tournament,  for every tournament warm up and to every important training. When I have my hoodie on, my headphones in and warming up, I am in my own little bubble and nothing can touch me. I feel confident. It has become something that I am known for in the TKD world even though I just did it for me :P.

The Hoodie symbolizes  Believe in Yourself, your dreams and that anything is possible! 🙂

For a while, people had been asking me at tournaments if they could buy one and to be honest I didn’t think they were serious.

When I went to Halifax Mr. MacKenzie thought it would be a good fundraiser for me to sell them so he set me up with a distributor and within a few days 25 were sold!  The order came in a few days before I arrived so when I got there, they were all wearing their hoodies.  Throughout the week,  as people saw them, and met me, there was more demand for them and we ended up ordering 12 more 🙂

mine is the original one without Taekwon-Do written on the back



IMG_0165 - Copy
You can order the hoodies in either hot pink or royal blue

As time went on more and more people wanted them across Canada. I will be making another order soon.

Thank you Mr. MacKenzie for making another one of my dreams come true.  🙂

It felt so wonderful seeing more “Believers” out there 🙂
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity Mr. MacKenzie and Ms. Gilgan