Routines Build Confidence

The World Championships are quickly approaching.  Since I’m competing in both 3rd Dan Patterns and Sparring  it’s time to focus on all the little details and divide my training time between the two disciplines.   I have been dissecting my patterns from the techniques right down to my method of breathing.  I have been working on the same sparring drills hundreds of times until they are completely natural in my muscle memory.  I love repeating all the drills over and over again and seeing the little improvements each time. I am also working on some new drills and tactics that I am very excited about. Building training routines and constant repetition is what builds confidence, especially at this stage in the journey.

I love training with my dad. He really understands sparring and how I move. He’s always helping me look for new drills too 🙂

Since my instructor Mr. LeGrow is away travelling for TKD I have been working on my own, with my dad and also with other instructors that Mr. LeGrow wanted me to work with.  He wanted me to train under Mr. Joel Denis at the Edge TKD since he felt we would have a good working relationship and it’s been great.  His whole school has made me feel very welcomed.  He also wanted me to continue competition training with Mr. Diego Cabanas from ARCAN TKD. Those sessions are always fun since I get to train with three other team mates on Team Canada. I have to admit it feels weird training under different people after working so closely with Mr. LeGrow for so many years but I am just extremely thankful to have a place to train and be instructed by people who I think so highly of.  It also feels good knowing that this is what Mr. Legrow has arranged for me to do and we keep in touch regularly to make sure we are both on the same page.

Mr. Joel Denis, Ms. Kayla Maduk and Mr. Steven LeGrow
IMG_8423 (1024x683)
Sparring Drills Mr. Diego Cabanas

I am really looking forward to spending a week in California with Mr. LeGrow right after my university exams which will be perfect timing before Italy. It will be a training frenzy and I can’t wait! It makes it easier and reassures me when Mr. LeGrow and I are in constant contact and I think that week in California will be JUST what I need.  Mr. LeGrow will also be competing in Italy so we are both on the same page.


For the first time I am also being more pro-active when it comes to injury prevention.  I am noticing that my body needs a little bit more TLC this time around. I’ve always done cross training and yoga to stay injury free and balanced but this time I am getting regular ART deep messages on my hips to help stay limber as well.  It feels nice seeing Dr. Aiello for preventative treatments instead of seeing him when I am injured and in a panic. I already notice a major difference.  He has always taken care of every injury in the past so he knows exactly what my body can and can’t do.  It’s comforting knowing that he is part of my team because I really trust him.

I am also starting to lose weight slowly again to make sure I make my weight class.  I like to do it early and slow so I’m not under more pressure and I don’t want to lose my strength.

This is a tricky time gap of the journey and process. It’s where I start to panic that I’m running out of time, so at this point, I just keep training and stay positive until the panic leaves. It has happened before both previous World Championships so I am starting to recognize emotional patterns and check points. It gives me reassurance that I am on the right track and the things I am going through are simply part of the process. It’s coping with them that is the challenge.

Keep following to see what’s next!