Qualified for Provincial Team Try-Outs

It was amazing spending the day with my throwing buddies.  The atmosphere at the track was different from school track meets.  You know that all these competitors train year-round and take it very seriously.  I was surprised that there wasn’t as many throwers as school meets but the ones that were there were all good. The goal of the meet was to place in the top two since the top two are invited for the Provincial Team try-outs in Oshawa next week.  I love the fact that we are all competitive against each other but there is a definite respect towards one another since we all work hard and know what you have to do to get to a certain level. This is where technique really kicks in.  It’s not good enough to just be strong anymore.

Since this was an older age division for me (U18) I’ve never seen any of the other girls I was competing against.  I was kinda hoping that I had this summer to still be in the younger division for some more experience but that’s O.K.  It just makes it that much more exciting and challenging.  I just have to keep things in perspective a little bit 🙂 

I have such a great time with this group. I train with them 2-3 times a week for shot put and discus.
Even Grandpa was there to cheer us on. It was nice to have some ‘down’ time between events to just chill and get to know each other a bit better.

Shot Put: 2nd Place – Qualified for Provincial Team Try-Outs – Met National Standards 

I’ve never thrown with this new shot put weight and it really felt different.  The shot put was actually lighter but the National standard is a lot further and I found it a bit harder to control. I was actually surprised that it went so well and I know it will only get better once I get used to it. 

 Javeline: 1st Place – Qualified for Provincial Team Try-Outs – But Didn’t Meet National Standards 

I was really discouraged with my javelin distance.  I’ve never thrown with the new javelin weight and I didn’t like the ‘feel’ of it at all!  Because it’s a lighter weight, it completely throws off the balance and it flies differently.  I”m disappointed since my javelin training has been going so well with the old heavier weight.  I felt great with the run up but then I wasn’t able to execute the throw well.  Although I came first in this event I wasn’t excited since I know I have a lot of work to do in order to make the National Standards if I want to go to  Nationals in P.E.I. for javelin.  My biggest concern right now is trying to find a new javelin to train with this week before Oshawa.  Buying throwing shoes and throwing implements is almost impossible in Canada. I know that once I get the proper javelin and put in all the necessary training I will be fine.  There is just something special about throwing javelin 🙂 

Discus: 5th Place – Threw my Personal Best by Almost a Whole Meter

Although I didn’t qualify for the Provincial Team try-outs or the National Standard I was sooooo happy with my throws.  They were all consistent and I threw a Personal Best.  This is the only event that the implement was the same weight that I’ve been training with so I obviously felt the most comfortable with it. I have been having really great practices for this event and things are starting to improve at a faster pace now. I have really tough competition in this event but as I said before, I have to keep things in perspective.  This is just the beginning for me and I’m having a blast.

It’s going to be another fun week of training and I am also competing in the Twilight meet this Wednesday night for Javelin trying to get my distance further and get more practice before the try-outs next weekend in Oshawa.  I’m pleased with the consistencies in all my events so now I just have to get used to the new weights.  Good times ahead 🙂