Qualified for Brockville

I had another two good days at the National Capital High School Track and Field Meet.  First place for shot put, silver for javelin and silver for discuss.  I didn’t have any P.B.’s but I’m just happy that I qualified in all events for Brockville next week for the East Regionals. Only the top 5 in each event get to go and compete. It will be great to compete at the track in Brockville since OFSAA is going to be held there the following week.  I’m hoping to qualify for OFSAA in all events.  Each week the competition gets stronger and stronger because of the elimination process.  It will be interesting to compete against girls from Toronto and other big cities of Ontario who  also have good track programs.

I love having my Grandpa there to cheer me on!
Ms. Rusch and Bill give me some advice between throws

I can’t believe how much I’m learning at each meet.  I’ve been competing my entire life with Taekwon-Do so I feel completely in my element in that environment.  Track is so different for me.  I feel like a white belt all over again 🙂 I am still trying to figure things out.

Bill watches every detail

Not only am I still learning how to prepare properly for a meet, I’m still learning the basic movements in each of the events.  I love the fact that I have strong competition in all three events so it really pushes me. There are a few of us who throw within a few centimetres of each other.   It’s like a cat and mouse game.  One minute you’re ahead and then they have a good throw and then it’s time to play catch up.  Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t 🙂    You don’t peak in these events until your mid-twenties so I have lots of time to figure this stuff out.  I just have to constantly remind myself to be patient.

My shoulder felt a whole lot better than it did last week thanks to a great taping job with Spider Tech tape by Anthony Aeillo.  I also only threw once last week to give my shoulder some rest.   Since I’m also training for the Taekwon-Do Pan Am Championships I’m finding my body is under a lot of stress.  It’s really too bad that my two biggest events for track and TKD are held in the same month.  It’s also exam time at school so I feel more stress with that too.  I just wish everything was spread out a bit more.

I make the ugliest faces when I throw

I won the Overall Best Junior Female award for this meet 🙂

I’ve had excellent TKD sparring and cardio training lately with Mr. LeGrow and Wayne Thompson.  Wayne says he sees an improvement in my performance every week which is encouraging  since I’m tyring to work on the stuff  he’s giving me.  Shane Lynch has been here from Nova Scotia for a couple weeks so it’s been great training with him too. I am so happy he’s moving here!  I’m so lucky to have these really skilled TKD practitioners to work with.

I love coaching on the weekends and I’ve been giving them some of the same work out drills as Wayne has been doing with me.

I've never seen them work harder and the time flies bye


Coaching in small groups is great since they really stay focussed

It’s going to be another busy week ahead with school, training for track and TKD as well competing in Brockville.