Pumped for my Summer Workouts

The National Taekwon-Do  team training schedule was announced and I’m really excited to see everyone again from all across Canada training together.

I’m so pumped for my summer training now that school is finished.  I only work a 3-5 hours a day so it leaves so much free time to train.  I have my whole plan mapped out.


My trainings will consist of the obvious daily TKD training with hours of patterns and sparring drills including foot work.   I’ve qualified for both patterns and sparring so I have to make sure I give each discipline the right amount of time.  The only way to get better in patterns is to keep doing them.  I like to dissect each movement and perfect it.  The only way to get better in sparring is to spar. Simple as that!

As for my cross training I will be doing my pyramid fitness workouts at the park, weight training, running, swimming, spinning classes, tabata workouts and yes, even some ballet!!!!  Yoga will continue to be a part of my daily routine for good stretching and flexibility.  Flexibility is something that I have to work really hard at.

The best part of my cross training is that I have an amazing group of friends who want to do this with me.  None of them do TKD but they all have their own specialty in other sports so we push each other and learn from each other.  The more fun the training is the harder I work.

Nutrition is obviously extremely important so I’ll continue to follow the ‘Eating Clean’ diet to ensure that I have enough nutrients to get me through the training.