OSU Home Soccer Game vs North Mississauga

This is the first week in a few years that I actually felt like a ‘normal’ teenager since I had free time to be with friends.  Last summer I spent every minute training.  Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved it at the time and it was necessary for me to achieve my goals so I have no regrets, but I have to say I really had fun this week 🙂

Soccer practices went very well and my knee feels stronger each day. Today’s game was so exciting!!!  We tied 0-0 but there was a lot of action and suspense.  One of our team objectives was to play a strong defensive game and we achieved that since no goals were let in.  We all pulled together especially in the second half.  The weather was so hot and sunny that the ref called two water breaks.  We were all getting tired but we never gave up. We actually got stronger as the game went on.  We had some close shots on their goal but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. One thing that our team should be really proud of is that we never lost our cool or our drive.  I got a bad kick to the jaw with a cleat and it really hurt.  I have a lovely bunp and bruise on my chin now.  At least with TKD there are foot pads and bare feet – not spikes!

To finish off the perfect day, one of my team mates had a pool party for everyone including parents and siblings and it was an awesome time.  Thanks to the Mack family for throwing such a great party!!!!!!!!  It was very special having our previous coach and assistant coach come to watch the game and then they also came to the party.  Parties like this really help us get to know each other and it’s a chance to just be ourselves in a relaxed environment.  The pool and hot tub felt incredible after the game.  By the end of the party we were all playing soccer again in their yard. lol

Tomorrow morning I’m taking the Greyhound bus by myself to Montreal for 5 days so I can train and spend some fun time with my Montreal TKD buddies.  It’s going to be amazing and I can’t wait.  I will be helping Stephanie Boivin instruct the evening classes every night.  I love going to train at other dojangs to meet new people and see how other dojangs operate. It’s amazing how each dojang has a completely different atmosphere and how we can all learn from each other.  I am also looking forward to spending time with some of the other people who went to New Zealand with me as well.  It’s such a special bond that we have.

I’ll be missing a couple of soccer practices but my coach (Kwame) knows I won’t be sitting around getting out of shape 🙂    When Stephanie and I get together you know there will always be TKD and as many sports involved possible.  I’ll be back for Thursday’s practice.  My next soccer game is on Sunday in Toronto.

Have a great week everyone!



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  1. Hi Kayla – sorry we didn’t make it to the game. Getting out of the pool was tough 🙂
    The boys each ended up having a friend over for the afternoon.
    Have a great time in Montreal!

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