OSU Force Winter Soccer Training Started Today

It was off to Carleton University today to do our team physical testing as the first winter training session.  The first test was a timed sprint and then the second test was what they call a ‘yo-yo’ test.  Basically it’s a series of suicides that keep getting faster and faster similar to the ‘beep’ tests.  If you don’t keep up with the timer then you have to stop.  It’s the first time I’ve done one and it was a tough challenge, but not horrible.  Our team hasn’t had any soccer since the beginning of September so I was really glad that I’ve been continuing with the Taekwon-Do, basketball, and track  to keep in shape.

This winter season will be interesting since there are 5 new girls on the team so the dynamics of the team will be different as well as having a new coach.  In the Spring there will be another try-out since they will have to cut some girls since they are carrying so many for the winter training.  It just means that every practice will be really important so we don’t get cut in the Spring for the real Summer season.  We will have lots of soccer games in Montreal over the winter which will be awesome.  The team will be working really hard for the next two months  to get ready for the Show Case Tournament held in Florida over the Christmas Holidays.

I’ve really missed playing soccer and kicking the ball so it will be fun next week when our actual practices start.  I’m so excited and it’s also going to be great getting to know the new players :).