Off to the Airport!!!!

I’m just sitting in the hotel room in Syracuse waiting to go to the airport.  I feel so much better today and can’t wait to get going!!!!

I won’t have my phone with me while I’m away and I won’t get to New Zealand until Thursday!  It’s such a long flight.  I fly to Chicago, LA, Sydney and then Wellington. Remember, Wellington is 16 hours ahead of Ottawa time.

I’ll keep my blog updated as much as possible while I’m there.  I just want to thank everyone for making this happen for me and I hope to make you all proud.  There isn’t anything more I can do at this point but go and do my best 🙂

Talk to you soon.

7 thoughts on “Off to the Airport!!!!”

  1. Your best will be enough, and don’t worry, no matter what, you’re #1 with all of us!


  2. Hey you!

    Notice the time im posting this message… lol! I CANT SLEEP!!! All I’m thinking about is you right now as funny as that sounds… I didnt expect to be this excited about you finally being on the plane ride to the Worlds!

    You’re dad sayd.. ”you know this is where all you’ve done for Kayla pays off…” right before you guys left the dojang last sunday.. I cant stop thinking about it! LOL!

    Now is when I regret not sacrificing everything to have been on that plane with you!

    Neways… I got my eye on your blog!!!!

    Cheers K.


    • Jon, you may not be here physically but you are definitely here with me! It’s true what my dad said.. I will never forget EVERYTHING that you’ve done for me and I’ll always appreciate the hours that you put into my training over the years. I hope to make you proud!

    • Thanks Mr. Campbell. Your support means a lot to me. Please say ‘hi’ to everyone back at school.

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