My Solid Black Belt

I turned 18 a few weeks ago and it’s a really big deal for me not only in life but as a martial artist but as a competitor as well.  I am no longer in the junior division (ages 14-17).   I am now in the adult division which is ages 18-34.


That is a huge jump for me but I am ready for the challenge.  Qualifying for the National Team, I will be competing against my fellow team mates who I have looked up to and who have been on the National team for several years.

I started teakwon-do when I was 3 years old and it completely took over my life in the best way possible.  I earned my first degree black belt at a young age so  my Instructor at the time, Master Kou made my test extra challenging to prove to others that I deserved it.  I exceeded all the physical requirements, wrote a thesis and memorized everything that was required perfectly.

When I was 14 years old I earned my 2nd degree under my current Instructor Mr. LeGrow (also a former student of Master Kou).  That is when I won my first world championship for 2nd degree patterns (silver for sparring and silver for team power breaking) in New Zealand, 2011.

At 16 1/2 I earned my 3rd degree.  I recently won gold in both 3rd degree patterns and sparring and silver for team power at  the last World Championship in Spain, 2013.

For years,  I have worn and competed with a white stripe through my belt. It distinguishes the Juniors from Seniors. Now that I’m 18 it feels awesome to earn my SOLID black belt.  I will wear it with pride for the years to come.


Wearing a solid belt comes with symbolism; For more responsibility giving back to your dojang, your Instructor and your community, leadership, and being an adult in the Martial Art.   I think your peers in Taekwon-do take you more seriously as a martial artist once you become an adult.   It’s amazing to think, I have been a black belt for 10 years already and I am still just beginning to learn and understand the depth of this Martial Art.


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  1. I’ll bet those adults who have been watching you compete these last few years have been dreading the day you turned 18 as they are afraid that they will have their “you know what’s” kicked by an 18 year old 🙂

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