My Last Sporting Event for Cedarview Middle School :(

Thursday was the Board Finals for soccer.  It was a bitter sweet day.  We won in the semi-finals and then again in the finals to come home with the banner for the school.  That was the sweet part.  On the other hand it was also the last time I would wear a Cedaview shirt with my lucky #23 on it, since I graduate from Grade 8 in two weeks.  I have completely loved playing on all the team but going off to high school will be different I’m sure.  First of all with all my TKD training and secondly there will be a lot more competition to make the teams since it will be with all the older kids.  Thanks coaches for all your help over the last three years.

My Lucky #23
Cedarview Wins the Board Finals - Go Hawks
My Last Sporting Event at Cedarview