Mixing Things Up

“Explosive” seems to be a word that keeps coming into all my training whether it’s for Taekwon-Do or Throwing events. I  need to be training for endurance, speed and agility so I mix up the trainings all the time. I’m lucky to have such qualified trainers to give me a  lot of help.  I spent the afernoon training at Mooney’s Bay with  Shane Lynch.  We were on the Canadian TKD team together and it’s great to work out with him since he knows so much about conditioning.  I’ve been working a lot on my own for strength and explosive training but Shane just added more elements to my training and has taken it to another whole level 🙂   He has designed a whole program for us geared for taekwon-do and it’s awesome.  Normally we do our fitness in the dojang but it was amazing training outside at the park for a change – even if it was boiling hot!

We ran intervals on the beach.  It’s so much harder in the sand.

After our running we did a strengthening circuit using the training bars that are at the park. We kept rotating the circuit as hard and fast as we could within the time limit.   It’s so great having a park like this in the city. It just goes to prove that you don’t need expensive fancy gyms for a great work-out.  I found this portion of the work out really hard since there was a lot of arm work which isn’t necessarily my strength 🙂 Eventhough I could easily get discouraged trying to keep up with Shane, I prefer to train with men since it pushes me harder.  I did the best that I possibly could and I feel proud of that.  These tough work-outs aren’t the prettiest, but I can already feel a difference when I’m training in the dojang which is exciting.

To end off the brutal workout we gave it one last push with some sprints up the hill.  It may not look like a huge hill in the pictures but believe me it was hard since my legs were burning.