Mixing Relay For Life with TKD Coaching

I am participating in the Relay for Life with John McCrae Secondary School. In order to be part of a team I have to personally raise at least $100. I hate asking for donations for fundraisers so I came up with a plan that helps both the Canadian Cancer Society as well as other TKD students.

I am offering my personal 1 hour TKD coaching sessions for the next three Sunday afternoons in lieu of a $25 donation to the Relay For Life.  There are three time slots each Sunday.  You can sign up on the bulletin board at the dojang for your own individual hour of coaching.  You receive a tax receipt and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Relay for life. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

What is Relay For Life?

Relay For Life is an inspirational, non-competitive, 12-hour overnight fundraising event that brings you and your community together to celebrate life and to fight cancer.

Relay has a festival-like atmosphere that your family, friends and co-workers can enjoy regardless of age or fitness level! My high school (John McCrae Secondary School) has rented the Dome on Greenbank Rd. in Nepean for this event May 23/24 strictly for all our students. Last year our school raised over $42,000 and this will be my 4th Relay For Life.

At Relay, our school will gather at the Dome and take turns walking laps all night. Each team keeps at least one member on the track at all times, while all around them the party is in full swing. Each team consists of 5-10 people and we all have to dress in a theme costume.  My team is going ‘country’.

I am also giving kick-boxing sessions through the night to help keep the energy up so people don’t fall asleep. Zumba classes and Yoga classes are also going to be taking place as well as some fun games.

Why is Relay Overnight?

Relay For Life symbolizes and honours a cancer patient’s journey. For the thousands of Canadians fighting cancer right now, their journey is long and hard. From the shock of initial diagnosis, through days of treatment and the long nights that follow for them, cancer never sleeps, so neither do we. At Relay For Life, each step we take is our way of showing them that they are not alone. As the sun rises and Relay draws to a close, we commit to continuing the fight for life all year long.

Everyone makes candle lit bags with messages of hope for those fighting cancer and also messages of love and memories of who we’ve lost.  It’s extremely powerful.


How Can You Help?

  • Sign up for your 1 hour of personal TKD coaching.  You decide if it’s for Sparring, Patterns or both in lieu of a $20 donation
  • Make any donation.  All donations more than $20 receive a tax receipt
  • Join another Relay for Life night in your area to help raise money for Cancer Research.  Everyone has been touched by cancer or knows someone who has.

Thank you Mr. LeGrow for allowing me to use the dojang on these Sunday afternoon to help raise money for the Canadian Cancerr Society.