March Break Training With Alex Lapointe-Matta

My good friend Alex from Samguk TKD in Montreal also came to Master Norman’s seminar. He came into town a day early so we could train together during the day since he was on March break. We shared the new drills we each have been working on in the past little while.  It’s so helpful to share our experiences since we have different instructors and training partners.  Alex was also on the National Team with me in New Zealand and we are both working towards qualifying for Spain this year for the upcoming World Championships. I love training with him since he takes it as seriously as I do. These training sessions are so much fun since we are alone and we we can pump up the music and just work-out as hard as we can and try new things.  Thank you Mr. LeGrow for allowing us to use the dojang all day 🙂


Working on our patterns using hand held weights


This year is going to full of adventures, ups and downs so I am glad we will have each other to go through the process with.  Most of the other Juniors have moved into the Adult division so we need to stick together :).   It’s always easier when there’s someone else close to you going through the exact same thing.  It’s hard for our friends to sometimes understand or relate to everything that we are doing.  The best part of World Championships is all the little experiences like this leading up to it.  We will be seeing a lot of each other at different trainings, seminars and tournaments so I am really excited.

After our own training Alex and I had the opportunity to spend some time giving one-on-one training with two of the students in our dojang.  I’ve never seen these students work so hard.  They wanted to take advantage of some corrections and I think they liked the special attention.   When you put some of the drills into games they don’t realize that they are actually working on sparring foot work, cardio and strengthening.  Everyone had a great time.