Maduk Gives 2 TKD Championship Seminars at Black Belt Excellence

With my new University and work schedule I am not able to always get to my regular classes with my Instructor Mr. Legrow at Team Blackburn. Mr. LeGrow encouraged me to seek out local dojangs or facilities that I could rent out while they aren’t being used for some extra training to prepare myself for the Canadian National Championships.

I was so pleased and honoured when Master Phil Nguyen from Black Belt Excellence Academy offered me unlimited access to his dojang while his school is not open up until Nationals next month.  I am in middle of mid-terms now so I haven’t been able train there as much as I would have liked since my education always comes first.  However after next week I will be spending many hours on my own in this beautiful dojang.

In return for his generosity he requested I give a seminar exclusively for his students to help them prepare for their local tournament next week.  Master Phil divided the group into two seminars (in the same day) according to coloured belts and families and then black belts and teens.  The messages in both seminars were the same but some of the drills were a bit more advanced and in depth for the second group since it was also a bit longer in time.

IMG_9091 (1024x682)
First Group of Students
IMG_9371 (1024x684)
Second Group of Students

The purpose of the two seminars was to share my training secrets and tournament preparation. For some students, next week will be their first tournament, and for others it was a chance to add a few more tools to their toolbox that they can continue to practice in the future.  These drills only work if they are practiced over a long period of time so they become automatic.  Master Phil and Mr. Duford were taking notes so maybe they will continue with them in their nightly classes.  I can’t wait to hear how everyone does next week.  Please keep me posted 🙂

I was so impressed with the students of Black Belt Excellence Martial Arts Academy. They were ALL so respectful, eager, enthusiastic and open to learning new drills. Not only were they respectful to me but to each other. It is SO nice to see. Leadership like this starts at the top. Master Phil has done a phenomenal job of creating an amazing school with confident and lovely students. I admired the level of discipline and courtesy.

IMG_9095 (1024x683)
I loved  their eagerness to learn more and they weren’t afraid to ask any questions.
IMG_9100 (1024x683)
It feels good to be able give back to the community when everyone has been so supportive of my journey.

For me, the highlight of the day was seeing the lights go off in peoples minds as they were understanding the drills and then creating their own and wanting to share them with everyone. I sincerely hope that they all learned something and can apply some of it next week as they compete. I hope that they no longer fear sparring but have fun with it and turn it into a game. I also  hope that they start to ‘feel’ their patterns instead of just going through the sequence on movements. I am so passionate about patterns and I hope they are too.  And most of all I hope that they enjoy competing more since they have tools to feel more confident as they enter the ring 🙂

IMG_9368 (1024x677)

Master Phil has just published his book,  “Bully Busters and Beyond’ and I received one of the first copies. This book along with the action guide and video/audio learning resources is a great tool for kids and families.  Master Phil is an ambassador on Anti- Bullying and gives presentations at schools and  corporate companies since it’s a subject that has affected everyone is some way or another.  It’s a subject very dear to his heart and I know his good work will make a difference.

IMG_9113 (1024x683)
I was presented with one of his new books on Anti-Bullying with a lovely letter inside. Thank you Master Phil
I look forward to reading Master Phil’s new book that is hot off the press.

I had three students ask for my contact information to give to their  Principals so I could go and speak at their schools and their Girl Guide groups.  This is something that I absolutely love to do and I’m always open to these opportunities.  I have a goal setting program as well as a “Lessons for Champions” presentation.

Thanks to those who purchased my Believe hoodies at the seminars.  Wear them with confidence and Believe in yourself!

If you still want to buy a hoodie for yourself or someone else please feel free to purchase one on-line.  Orders will be submitted Tuesday, October 21th.

IMG_8820 (1024x624)
Front of My Hoodies


IMG_8823 (1024x614)
Back of my hoodies

Thank you again Master Phil and all your students for inviting me into your dojang and making me feel so welcome. Thank you for being part of my journey and joining me on a special day as well.

One year ago today I was in Spain at the World Championships. It was a full circle today. VERY COOL. 🙂