Long Weekend Means More Time to Train

The best thing about long weekends is there is more time to train!  I am trying really hard to keep a good balance between learning my TKD pattern and getting in as many track practices as possible since track meets start in a few weeks.

I’ve had to make a really detailed training schedule for the next two months since there is so much going on with sports and school that I needed to see everything written down so I don’t get overwhelmed.  I need to take it one day at a time.

Track and Field has started at school so not only am I training about 9 hours a week with Bill at the Lions Track and Field Club but now I’m also going in 3 mornings a week before school.  Since Bill was away on Thursday, I trained with the throwing coach Darrin who concentrates on Shot Put and Discuss.  It was a lot of fun and the other 8 throwers were all so nice and really skilled.  They were either seniors in high school or university students with a whole lot of experience.  It was really great since I’ve never really had any serious training in these events.  I did well in them last year but I had no idea what I was doing.  It’s so much better when you actually get some good instruction.  I’ll be able to share this little bit of training with my friends at school.  Throwing events are so specialized and technical it’s hard to teach in a few short weeks of the school track and field season.    One of my training buddies Tom, competed in his first outdoor meet last week and broke the meet record so he was so happy.  He works so hard all the time and I love training with him.

I haven’t thrown the discus since last Spring.  Hopefully the extra training will help me.

I feel a whole lot stronger than last year with all the weight training during the winter.

It was great that after every throw I was given some one on one coaching.

On Easter Sunday I went to the track with my Grandpa for the afternoon to practice Javelin and Shot Put.  I didn’t have a discus so I couldn’t do that. It was a really windy afternoon and I was surprised how much it affected the javelin.  I never had to think about that in the dome all winter.

Bill was kind enough to lend me one of his old javelin shoes for throwing out on the grass because on my new shoes, the spikes are only for the track runway.

They make a HUGE difference.


I really wasn’t happy with the way I was throwing and I missed Bill’s critical eye and guidance.  I’m really looking forward to training with him again on Tuesday. I am used to training alone and I like it a lot because it gives me the chance to figure things out myself, but at this point in my training, I still like having Bill there and I throw a lot better when he is. He’s such an amazing coach. I am so lucky.

I borrowed a shot put from the school and it was surprisingly better than last year.  Warming up properly for the different throwing events is so important since you use different muscles in your shoulders, arms, core and legs.

Oh boy! Grandpa wanted in on all the action…as usual since he did a lot of track 🙂

He just needed a few reminders on how things are done 😉

Total bliss at the end of a great day. I really cherish all the moments I have with him. I am really fortunate to have him so involved in my life.



Happy Easter Everyone!