Live It Up Programs Gives Breakfast to Students

I”m part of the Live it up Program at John McCrae High School and the first Friday or every month we are starting to give out free breakfast to students as they enter the school.  The whole purpose to is provide  them a healthy meal to start the day.  So many kids come to school every morning without eating a healthy breakfast or any breakfast at all and then they don’t have enough ‘brain’ food to keep them going all day.

It was a lot of fun setting up the tables with the fruit, juices, muffins and bagels.  I think a lot of them didn’t know what it was about at first, but after a while people asked questions and caught on. Everyone thought it was a great idea 🙂 The biggest thing is creating an awareness. Healthy minds is a healthier you, mentally and physically. We all wore the JMSS clothing to help create a feeling of a community within the school.

I know when I’m training 35-40 hours a week my diet is extremely important.  Not only for concentrating during school but also so my body has enough fuel in it to last all day and night.  I graze a lot during the day so my body constantly gets little bits of energy and then I don’t feel too full and sluggish.  Being in the ‘hyper-weight’ sparring division I never want to lose too much weight or I won’t qualify but I want my weight to be muscle and not fat so I still have to watch my diet as much as other athletes.  It’s really important that I’m light on my feet with speed and quick reflexes.

Visalus shakes and cookie (bars) have made my life a lot easier since I know I’m getting all my veggies and protein in a single serving and they are easy to eat and drink in the car between school and training.  As I lead up to competition season again my nutrition plays a huge factor  in my overall performance.  I’m a distributor for Visaleus so if anyone has any questions about the products just ask me……

Hopefully the Live It Up Program made the other students more aware that they need to start their day with a healthy meal EVERYDAY!