Last minute training before OFSAA

Bill is so helpful with my javelin training. I got to do some one-on-one training with him yesterday to get ready for OFSAA.   He always finds good ways to fine tune and tweak things.  He films my throw and then instantly makes corrections or he uses different props to help get the right ‘feeling’ when I throw. I wish I had more time before OFSAA but at this point I can only do the best that I can.

Swinging the baseball bat uses the same hip action and emphasis on the left leg as in javelin. I also worked on the separation.

Extending the shoulder and arm is the hardest thing for me.  Bill pulls on a towel so I know when and where to release the javelin.  It’s such an un-natural movement for me.  That’s why I have to keep repeating it but not over-use my arm at the same time.  The towel works well to get the motion without putting stress on my shoulder.

Then it was time to put all the elements together with a full run up and throw.

It was awesome.  After doing these drills for about an hour I was starting to throw a lot better already. We were both so happy.   I was really starting to convince my body to do what I wanted. It was really cool 🙂  I just hope I can put everything together Friday!  It’s such an incredible rush when you have a good throw 🙂  After an hour of javelin I worked on my Shot Put for an hour and then did another hour with the Discus with Darrin.  John McCrae high school has never had so many students qualify for OFSAA so it’s pretty exciting.  There are 10 of us going and it would be awesome to bring back some medals for the school.

Based solely on last week’s distances I am ranked 3rd for shot put, 7th for discus and 7th for javelin in the province of Ontario for all grade 10, so I really have to work to throw well this week to place in the top 3.  I will be throwing against the top 24 throwers in the Province for each event.   I’ll be so happy if I make a PB in all events.

Right after track practice I raced to the dojang for another couple hours since I also have to get ready for the Pan Am Championships next week as well.  Once these two major events are over I will be able to balance my training more throughout the summer.  I’m really looking forward to competing at track meets this summer for more experience.  Oh ya, then there is those final exam things at school  🙂   I wish I could just be a full time athlete!   Yesterday I trained from 4-10pm and I loved every second of it 🙂

One of my favourite quotes is ”

“The vision of a champion is bent over, drenched in sweat, at the point of exhaustion, when nobody else is looking”Mia Hamm

Bill wants to make sure that I’m throwing the javelin because I love it and I’m having fun with it.  Nothing could be more true for me.  I’m practicing for myself because I do love it – not for a certain distance or a medal. I do it because it’s fun and I love the challenge.  The results will come in due time.