Last Minute Javelin Training


When I got an email late last night from Bill Heikkila to have an extra outdoor javelin training session while the ground still wasn’t too hard and the weather wasn’t too cool, I obviously jumped at the opportunity.  It’s hard to learn a new sport when there are big training gaps in between the sessions.  I’ve been practicing on my own and keeping a training journal so I can ask him questions when we get together.  And I’ve been watching the videos that he has sent me which has been a big help.  I’m really looking forward to start my training at the dome next week for some indoor winter training.  It will give me the opportunity to see if  the javelin or other track events is something that I want to pursue more.  I’ll never know unless I try and give it my best shot .

We spent over an hour just on foot work before I even threw a javelin.  It’s amazing how much detail there is.  It’s like learning a new TKD pattern, but these movements are all foreign to me and they don’t feel natural at all!  I felt really clumsy and un-coordinated but it did get better as time went on.  You just have to repeat it over and over until it feels right.  Bill is very good at explaining things which makes it a lot easier. I’m the type of learner that has to understand why I”m doing something so I get a clearer picture in my head.

I have to admit, I was exhausted from the concentration.  Who would have thought that some footwork could be so precise.  He wondered if I was getting frustrated.  I was but only because I wanted to get better, not because I didn’t like it.

Overusing your arm can cause injuries so he showed me drills where I can use a towel hitting the soccer goals to just go through the throwing motion without the stress on your joint.  You can also get more ‘throws’ in without always running out to retrieve your javelin 🙂  I’ve been doing this drill on my own as well but it’s always good to have someone there to critique your movement.

I love how detail oriented Bill is.  Every motion is watched carefully.

Finishing off the training with a nice throw was a rewarding way to end the session.  Can’t wait to get back at it again next week at the dome and looking forward to seeing Dominque again as well as meeting some other throwers. You know it’s getting colder when the hockey rink boards are put up.