It was a relatively chill week.  I had some good TKD training and we won our soccer game in Cornwall. I took advantage of some down time to hang out with my girlfriends which is something that I rarely get a chance to do.  I also needed to rest my body since I’m gearing up to the busiest month in soccer and then in September I will be training super hard for TKD Nationals which are in November.  It’s all about peaking at the right time.  The weird thing is that when I don’t train, I physically get agitated and restless.  I’m so used to being active so I really really miss it when I’m not.

The highlight of the week was being a volunteer at the Ottawa Kids Sport Canada Camp  for an afternoon.  I went with my OSU soccer coach Kwame and another team mate.  The purpose was to show kids (most were around 10 years old) from the Inner City of Ottawa the different sports that are available in the community.  It was part of their Fun Zone Program. I had  fun just being downtown.  There were a few hundred kids and they did rotations of different sports so they could try them all out.  At my station they played a game that included a scrimmage.  There was a lot of potential in some of the kids.  I get so frustrated that some of the really good teams are missing out on great athletes because not everyone can afford the club/membership fees.  I find the higher the level I get in sports the more expensive it is and it can be really difficult!  I wish there was a way to help these community centers out so more kids could get the same opportunities.  It was definitely a reality check for me because realistically, there are so many people that can’t afford to be enrolled in competitive sports. I think that too many people take great training and opportunities for granted and we all need realize how lucky and fortunate we are.  I can’t imagine my life without competitive sports.