Keynote Speaker at “Because I Am A Girl” Campaign Fundraiser

Nothing makes me happier than being involved with events that promote positive self-esteem/self-image and confidence in young girls.  I have been invited back for the last three years to be the Keynote Speaker at the Soloway Jewish Community School.  I am always so impressed how passionate this group of young girls (grades 4-6) and their mom’s are about raising money for Plan Canada.  In one night alone, they raised just over $450.  Amazing work girls!  Everyone had so much fun and it’s a nice mother/daughter evening.  I was happy my mom was there too with me  The staff did an excellent job organizing the Pink Lemonade Sale, Photo Booth, Crafts, Ice Cream Sundae table and lots of other treats.  Each year they also bring in a Zumba instructor for some fun exercise during the night.  You can’t help but want to dance as soon as you hear the music 🙂

I was told that I am ‘an inspiration’ to them.  The truth is, THEY are an inspiration to me!  Since I have gotten to know some of the girls over the years it was so exciting for them to tell me what they have done since my last visit. It meant the world to me for some of the moms to come and thank me for the positive impact I have had on their daughters. They have had just as big of an impact on me! I love going to see this group of girls. They really are special. 🙂

So many of them have taken on huge goals and are working really hard and some have taken on smaller but just as important goals since everything is moving them into the right direction of being THEIR ‘best self’.  Each year I have to modify my presentation since I can just pick up where I left off last time.  When I asked a question from last year they all knew the answers so I knew they were listening 🙂  It’s so rewarding to witness their growth.

The fact that they are all working together to raise money for such an important and necessary cause makes them ALL true Champions!

The real purpose of the evening
The whole gymnasium was filled with PINK as a constant reminder


It’s always a showdown between the girls and their moms in a Zumba session 🙂
The girls always love the photo booth with lots of goofy props. At the end of the evening they prepared a slide show of all their photos
Pink Lemonade Sales are one the biggest ways to fundraise for the Because I Am A Girl Campaign.  Lemonade sales are held in schools all across Canada
Book markers with positive messages are a great reminder how lucky we are to have books and other school supplies
The perfect end to a fun night is celebrated with ice cream sundaes
I loved how the older girls helped the younger ones
I lam so grateful to keep being invited back to speak to this fun event
I am explaining what I do to mentally prepare myself leading up to a World Championship. Hopefully they can apply this ‘secret’ for their own goals
I am explaining the reasoning behind my custom hoodie. It is my version of a ‘superman’ cape so I believe in myself


I feel it’s so important to get back to the basics of being kind to one another. There is a time to be competitive and there is a time to do ‘what’s best to help someone else’
I loved how excited and pumped everyone got and I also really appreciated all the feedback from the moms 🙂
I donated one of my Believe hoodies in the raffle.
I really hope Jessica feels the power of the hoodie so she believes in herself and everything that she is doing! Wear it with confidence Jessica 🙂
All the girls signed my banner that I’m taking to Italy so they are coming with me. Gotta love the support 🙂 I took a similar banner to Spain with me last time and it was awesome feeling the love from friends back home when I was so far away.
It was so amazing hearing all their stories and accomplishments. They also had some really deep questions that made me think of what I want to discuss next time if I’m invited back. They had obviously thought of things that they wanted to ask me and I tried my best to answer all their questions.

Keep up the great work girls and feel free to send me emails with your questions.  I learn just as much from you and it makes me want to continue to do my best as well.