Day 1 ITF TKD National Championships and Team Selections

Day 1 National  – Patterns and Selections

I am the only 3rd degree junior girl in Canada so I was told I was already selected for the Team Canada.

2013nationals 906I have to admit at first it felt very weird receiving a medal when I didn’t actually compete that day but then it was pointed out to me that I have been training extremely hard for my whole life to make the team so it helped. My goal is to be a two time World Champion in Spain as a 3rd degree this time.  I won the gold medal at the last World Championships in New Zealand as the 2nd degree.

The day was full of emotions.  There has to be a winner and a loser and when there is so much at stake like qualifying for the World Championships the stress levels are extremely high.  In the final round robin of 4 athletes, only the top two are selected for the Canadian team.  You want to be so happy for those who qualified but then you also feel so bad for the ones who didn’t qualify.  Every school and every province wants their students to win.  I have friends all across Canada so I found the day very awkward.

On a personal note one of the highlights of the day for me was when one of my students competed in the coloured belt division.  We’ve been working together privately for the last month to get him ready.  Eight year old, Fritz gave 100% in every training and he improved dramatically.  I was so proud of him.  He won gold in patterns and the bronze in sparring.  Seeing the huge smile on his face was magical for me.  He was so proud of himself and he should be!

2013nationals 057
eight year old Fritz has been working extra hard with me to prepare for this day 🙂
2013nationals 202
He won gold in patterns and bronze in sparring
2013nationals 206
This smile is what makes coaching all worth while!
2013nationals 246
Fritz put in the extra hard work and it paid off!

I was also sooooo happy that Mr. LeGrow won the silver medal in patterns.  It just means that our training together over the next 5 months is going to be that much better!

2013nationals 382
Mr. LeGrow won the silver for 4th-6th degree patterns so he is going to Spain 🙂

Travelling to events like World Championships is so much more special when you have your good friends and training buddies with you.  It’s what makes all the memories that much better. Last time Alex and I were the youngest Juniors and now we can help the new members.

2013nationals 913
Alex Matta-Lapointe
2013nationals 923
It doesn’t really hit you that you’ve been selected for the team until you register your name and all your information into the team list. Spain – here I come 🙂


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