Invited Back to Sherway Sports

I’m so lucky that I get opportunities to share my love for Taekwon-do with other kids.  Tonight I was invited back to teach a few basic kicking and punching fundamentals to a very special group of girls.  It definitely wasn’t the typical TKD class at all but these girls were just so excited to have the freedom to move around, kick shields and punch targets.  It’s something that they normally don’t get to do. Tonight was just about having fun and keeping them moving.

It’s so cool to see how hard some of the girls were concentrating and trying to do what I was telling them to do.  They were determined to get it.  Others were just there for exercise and a chance to be with their friends.  I knew I wasn’t going to really teach much in a short period of time or in that type of environment but at least it opens the door for them to try new things.

I have been to the Sherway Sports Program twice before and it meant so much that they asked me back.  The last time I was there we talked about goal setting so while we were cooling down we sat and talked about it a bit more.  I think it’s so important to have dreams (no matter how big or small they are).  I loved hearing all their goals.  I just wish I had time to sit with every girl and help them with a plan.  These girls need mentors so badly to help them make a plan to work towards their goal.  It’s one thing to have a dream but everyone needs help with a plan.  I am super thankful for all the help I get.  I may compete in individual sports but I feel like I have a huge team behind me.

I love looking at the girl’s faces as they share with everyone what their dreams are…they all couldn’t wait until it was their turn to talk 🙂

I completely respect and admire my previous soccer coach Audra Sherman who organized this Program.  She really cares so much about the kids and she is the perfect kind of mentor for them.  Without Audra these types of programs wouldn’t exist and they are so important. I hope Audra realizes what a difference she makes is so many lives.  I know she made a big difference with me on and off the soccer field.

I knew they had a good time since they all still wanted to ask questions and keep kicking and punching even with their coats and boots on after we were supposed to leave the gym. 🙂

Tonight was extra special for me since one of my previous soccer team mates was there as well.  Keisha has been a weekly volunteer and it was obvious that the girls LOVE her.  It was great being with Keisha again and it was fun doing something outside of soccer with her.

There is so much about soccer that I miss but I just can’t fit it in with my Taekwon-do and my track & field training.  Unfortunately you just have to make some tough choices so you don’t burn out.

Thanks for inviting me back guys and I look forward to seeing you again soon.  Keep trying new things and have  FUN 🙂