Interview on Daytime Rogers TV

Mr LeGrow asked me to join him at an interview on Rogers TV for the Daytime talk show.  The purpose of the interview was to promote Team Blackburn Taekwon-Do.   We only had a 6 minute time slot and there is so much I would have loved to talk about why our dojang is different from other dojangs around and the benefits of TKD but they really wanted to focus on the board breaking so there wasn’t enough time.  We have so many amazing things happening in the upcoming year that I wish we could have talked more.  Maybe next time…..they said they wanted to have us back.

Waiting in the Green Room – we were both so excited and a bit nervous since you never know what they are going to ask.

Getting our instructions and getting wired up with microphones – everyone was so nice and friendly

I just wanted to take everything in.  I liked looking at all the lights, cameras and everyone was running around doing things at a million miles per hour.  So much happens behind the scenes.

The hosts were really friendly and seem to absolutely love their jobs.  I wish we had more time to actually talk about Taekwon-do and upcoming events but they really wanted to break boards.
January 2011 - going into National Training for the the World Championships


January 2012 - Here we go again - So many possibilities 🙂

I love the symbolism of these two pictures taken a year apart but both times we are preparing for the next World Championships.  I like to see the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

If you want to watch the 6 minute interview click here….