Interview by Algonquin College Journalism Student

I had a really nice interview by a third year journalism student from Algonquin College.

She said that she had been assigned to profile someone she believed to be important and making a difference in the Ottawa area.   When she was deciding who she wanted to interview she saw my profile on the   ‘Athlete of the Week’ video on CTV news and asked me if we could meet.

To be honest if feels really weird to think that someone wants to meet me since  I don’t think I’m doing anything different. Gabrielle made me feel so comfortable and her excitement got me excited too so it was a lot of fun.  The time flew by because I was talking about the things I love to do.  After about an hour I had to leave so I could get to the dojang to train.

Apparently if her professor likes her article enough it might be posted in the Algonquin Times.  She said that she would let me post it here on my blog anyway when she’s finished writing it.  I’m curious to see what she writes.

I am also thinking of journalism as another career option so it was cool to talk to her after wards and ask her questions about the different programs that are available.

Thanks Gabrielle for picking me to interview.  It was very flattering 🙂

Good luck.