I Was Honoured by a Young Girl!

Today I learned a very important lesson…people do watch what you do!!!

I received the cutest email from a 10 year old girl that I have never met before.  She had to write a biography on someone and while she was doing her research she decide to write about me!!!   She went all through my website. To be honest I thought it was spam at first but the more I read I knew it was real.  As it happens she also goes to the same Elementary School as I did and she has a green belt in Taekwon-Do (trains at Triggers TKD) so thought it would be good fit.  As I get older I realize that we all connected in some way through different activities, schools, clubs, teams and friends.

I offered to meet with her and her mom because I wanted to meet this incredible girl.  I even went to watch her train in Taekwon-Do for a bit before we were supposed to meet.

Maysa was nervous and shy but I could tell she was super intelligent. I was soooo impressed how she took the initiative to write to me and ask a few questions.  She brought her ‘biography’ with her so I could read it and I was touched with how she had done all her research and answered all the necessary questions for her project. It must have taken her forever to gather all her information.

We ended up talking for over an hour.  It was a great experience for me too since this is the age group of girls that I will be working with while I’m with the “Because I Am a Girl” project.  It totally reinforced the importance of building up self esteem in young girls and I’m even more excited for my upcoming events.  I look forward to working  with many girls just like Maysa.

I really hope that Maysa gets a great mark on her project.  I don’t know of any other 10 year olds that would put in so much thought and effort in a school project.  Dream BIG Maysa and thank you for choosing me to write about!

Kayla and Maysa

                        Kayla Maduk

Kayla Maduk is a 3rd degree black belt who lives in Ottawa. She is 16 years old. She was born January 21st 1996. She went to Jockvale Elementary School, Cedarview Middle School and now goes to John McCrae Secondary School.

She is youngest of two children. Her older brother and her dad are both black belts in Taekwon-Do. Their mom sits on the sidelines cheering. When Kayla was too young to join Taekwon-Do she would study and learn it from her brother and dad.  She started learning Taekwon-Do at age 3 and in grade 5 she competed and won medals in her first World Cup. Kayla went to the International Taekwon-Do Federation Championships in New Zealand, where she won a gold medal for 2nd degree patterns, a silver medal for sparring (Hyper Weight) and another silver medal for team power breaking. Kayla trains at a dojang that’s 70 km away in Orleans!

When Kayla has to go to tournaments, her teachers understand and give her all the work early so she doesn’t have to do it while she is travelling. She is in a high performance athletic program at John McCrae. This program is for advanced athletes, which means students who train 20 or more hours per week.  The program helps  make sure that they do not fall behind at school such as in math etc.

When Kayla was in Jockvale Elementary School she won 2 Bill Guy awards. She also represented Jockvale for French public speaking; has competed in Jockvale Idol and was a MC for Jockvale Idol!!!

To help the community she volunteers at fundraisers for CHEO, the Diabetes Association and raises money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. At school, Kayla is a Link Crew leader. In this program she helps grade 9 students partner with a grade 11 or 12 student. This helps the grade 9 student get used to high school and prevents bullying. Plus she volunteered with a “Girls Only Multi-Sport Program” where she taught inner city girls to learn Taekwon-Do. Another thing that Kayla does to help out, is she is an Ambassador for Plan Canada, Because I am a Girl program. For this group she will go out and talk to different elementary schools, specifically grade 4 and 5, about how girls have the right to do everything that boys can do.

Kayla also enjoys playing Basketball, Track and Field, Javelin, Cross Country and Soccer. Plus she enjoys hanging out with friends.

Here are two of Kayla’s inspirational quotes:

“No one said you have to do it all at once….take it one hurdle at a time.”

“It’s what you do before and after the competition that makes you a champion.”





5 thoughts on “I Was Honoured by a Young Girl!”

  1. This is awesome – can’t wait to tell Maysa we heard her story.
    You are an inspiration to many Trigger’s students, especially one of mine!

  2. I second Ms Clarke’s words as I look up to you as an inspiration even at my (young) age lol keep up the great work you are doing. looking forward to when we meet again

  3. Kayla thank you so much for putting this up on your blog and for meeting Maysa. I will share this link with Maysa and I bet she’ll be thrilled. I’m so proud of Maysa and you my dear are not only inspirational for young girls such as Maysa, but also many older ladies can learn a thing or two from you. Your hard work, dedication and enthusiastic personality is incredible. Kudos to you! Keep up the awsome work.Thank you!

  4. Thank you so much For all your kind words Mrs. Clarke and Mr. Ripley.

    Mrs. Khan, It was an absolute honor meeting Maysa and she is a very impressive young girl. I really enjoyed meeting you as well. You have such an amazing family and I will make sure we keep in touch! 🙂 Let me know how Maysa’s project goes.

  5. Miss Maduk, I have been introduced to you through Maysa’s project. I’m proud of your achievements in a young age, and congratulate you for championship, and the great job you are doing. I’m also thankful to you for your appreciation of Maysa’s effort, it makes a big difference in young kids’ life like Maysa. Maysa is my most beautiful grand daughter, I was always proud of her but now I am more because of her initiative of researching about a growing personality known as Kayla Maduk Maysa’s hero.

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