I Hate To Admit It But I’m BORED! I Need Another Huge Challenge!

Yes, I’ve had a great summer with soccer and teakwon-do and spending time with friends but I need more.  At first I thought I was missing out on so much when I was constantly training and being focused for the World Championships but now that that is over I need to find something else just as big to replace it.  I’ve learned I have the personality that needs the rush from a HUGE challenge.  Some people think of it as ‘stress’ but I think of it as ‘LIVING’.  It’s also hard to find people that REALLY understand or can relate to it.  I’m also getting the age that athletes either stop their sports for work, school and friends or they make a bigger commitment to their sport.

I’ve been taking a Reach Ahead summer course for’ Civics and Careers’ so I have more free time during the school year.  The course has made me do a lot of thinking about which career I want to work towards.  I know sports will somehow have to be involved and that is also why choosing my next big goal is so important to me.

Yes, I have lots of short term goals with soccer but then what?  I’m used having long term goals. I need to feel like all my little goals are working towards a larger goal.  I find myself  in a frustrated funk.  Depending on what happens at the end of our soccer season, I will have to make some decisions about which sport I want to really focus on.  I still keep thinking about track and field as well. I love the challenge of PB’s (Personal Bests).

I’m so proud and envious of my friend and training partner Stephanie Boivin.  Her new challenge is competing in duathlons.  She just came in first at Nationals!!!!  She is hoping to represent Canada at the World Championships in France next year.  If she does,  she will have represented Canada for two different sports within 2 years!  That is so incredible  🙂  I love getting her daily updates about how her training is going and hearing how excited she is.

Stephanie Boivin
Winning at Nationals

Now, its time for me to find my next big challenge.  I love putting the work in. Getting the desired results is the best feeling in the world… I’m missing the same feeling I had earlier this year.  I’ve been looking at pictures and videos everyday and I love how I feel when I look at them. I want to try new things and see where they take me.   I can’t wait to see what will happen and what my next big goal will be.




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