I Don’t Do It Often, But I Need To Rant…

It`s been almost two weeks since I’ve written a post and I’ve had a lot to think about….Sorry but I neet to rant. I consider myself a very positive person but I’m human and sometimes things get me down too.

Next week  my friends, coaches and fellow competitors are going to England for the ITF Taekwon-Do World Cup.  For those of you who don`t know, there is a World Cup every two years and on the alternate year there is a World Championships.

World Cups are open to everyone, even for the higher color belts.   There is also a pee-wee black belt division (ages 9-13).  These tournaments are usually quite large since anyone can compete and there are more divisions. 

World Championships are only for the top two competitors in every division. There is a whole competition and seletion process to qualify to be on the National Team.  You must compete in the sanctioned tournaments and place in the top two at Nationals.  The World Chamionships is only for black belts starting at age 14.  It is such a huge honour to be part of the Canadian Delegation.  You travel, train and compete as a team and compete for your Country.  It also makes it easier for Sponsorship since it’s a World Championship. It was at the last World Championships that I competed in in New Zealand.

Both competitions are amazing and very different from one another.  I have my heart set on competing in Spain next year for the next World Championships.  I had to make a decision about either going to England now or Spain later.  Unfortunately it`s very expensive and since I`m still 16 I want my parents with me when I compete overseas.  It wouldn’t be the same without them there.  I`m looking for a part time job to help with some of the expenses but it`s hard with my heavy training schedule and school.

I’ve been training with my buddies who are going to England.  It`s been great since we’ve pushed each other and I got in good shape through the process.  Suddenly as the date gets closer reality has set in and I am pretty depressed about not going to England.  I want everyone to do well and enjoy their whole experience.  I have to admit I really wish I was going too! You make so many new memories and experiences at these tournaments. It’s funny how my circle of friends are from all around the world now and there are some people that I really want to see again.  I’ll just have to wait to see them in Spain.

School – New Bill 115 –   It`s also back to school time and I have a really heavy work load. School marks are so important this year since these are the marks that universities will look at next year when I put my applications in.  With the new Bill 115, the teachers have banned all extra activities.  I completely understand why they are holding their grounds but the whole school atmosphere is different.  I’ve been working with the Link Crew and love it, so I just hope we can keep it going since it`s basically run by students for the most part. I`m also organizing the Leadership Camp for the Spring but I`m not sure it will even take place now.  There just seems to be so much up in the air but I`m proceeding like everything will happen just in case it does.  I also worry about things like OFSAA not happening this year and that affects hopes of universities noticing you for scholarships.  I can tell the teachers are upset about their ban but this really proves how involved teachers are in all areas school life NOT just the class rooms.  Without the teachers all these extra activities can`t happen.

Music –  Last June, my music teacher challenged me to write 12 songs over the summer.  He knows how much I love challenges lol.  I wrote 8 new ones, not including the ones I have written before. I was looking forward to recording them at school this Fall.  I was so disappointed when it was considered  an `extra` curricular activity.  I find writing lyrics very therapeutic.  Needless to say I’ve written a another song this week!  I play the guitar every night before I go to bed.  It`s a great balance in my life and clears my mind.  Someday, you will  hear my songs 🙂

Health – For the last two weeks my foot has been in a lot of pain.  I had a bone scan at the begining of the week and I got the results yesterday.  NO STRESS FRACTURE!!  Yes!  It’s such a relief.  I do, however have a lot of swelling in my foot, so I will need to take some time off and maybe get some physio.  I`ve already missed almost three days of schools because of different doctor`s appointments.  In some ways I`m relieved I`m not going to England since I`m not sure I would be able to compete anyway. 

Tournament in NY City – I was supposed to be competing in a TKD tournament tomorrow in New York City but that is definitely out of the question with my foot. We would have left yesterday and  I really wanted to see NY City too and it would have been a great way to spend my Mom’s birthday.  Sorry mom 🙁  I hope I`ll be ready for a tournament in Washington at the end of October.  I NEED to compete!!!  I haven’t been able to do any real training for two weeks now and let’s just say…I get a bit cranky. I miss my training and I don’t feel like myself – hence this rant 🙂 

Track and Field – The other big reason I need to get my foot better is so I can start the Winter training season with the Ottawa Lions Track & Field Club.  We are having our physical test any day now.  Fortunately the test was cancelled last week due to a bad storm.  As much as I wanted to do the tests, I knew my foot would give me a lot of  trouble so I was a bit relieved for the delay. I’ve been working hard on explosive drills this summer hoping that it will improve my test results so I want to be pain free with my foot.

There are so many things out of my control right now so I just need to focus on the things that I can control and adapt to the things that I can`t control.  All these road blocks are just part of being an athlete 🙂  It’s how we deal with the road blocks that count!


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  1. Hi Kayla,

    Everything seems to be so overwhelming & I kind of understand cause I can associate when my son experienced similar circumstances and it can be very frustrating at times; however, try to keep your spirit up…! U can do it !!

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