Home Depot Donated Boards for my Power Breaking Training

Training for Power Breaking can be very expensive since you have to break so many boards.  Once they’re broken they’re done!

It’s also different since plastic boards are now used at tournaments and there is a completely different feel to them.  The plastic boards have an interlocking seam in the centre of the board and it will only break if you hit it exactly in the right spot.  There is a lot more technique to power breaking than just a strong arm or leg.  We have the plastic boards but we don’t have the metal holder to hold the boards and no one wants to hold it in case I kick their hands using my full force by accident.  We have a metal holder for the wooden boards.  Too bad we can’t use the same holder for both wood or plastic.

This is the last weekend that I want to use any boards for training in case any bones get broken in the process.  After this, it’s just working on targets for accuracy.

Our local Home Depot in Barrhaven was very generous and donated wood to me for my training.  They even showed me how the wood is cut.  Ken Craig was so nice to me and even wanted me to wear the Home Depot apron and protective eye wear.  Safety first!  Home Depot also made a charge donation to my silent auction fundraiser.  I’m so amazed how much the community is helping me out.  Thanks Home Depot!

This is a much easier way to break the wood
Ken Craig the store manager was so nice to me
Off to the dojang for some fun!

Ms. Triggers from Trigger’s TKD has been helping me with my technique since she has competed at the World Championships for Power Breaking as well.  It’s so nice of her to give me her time and knowledge.  I really appreciate it Ms. Triggers!!!!