High Impact Speaking Showcase

This month, I am taking the tools I’ve learned from what it takes to win at the ITF Taekwon-Do World Championship and applying them to improving a new skill…  Key Note Speaking!


I wouldn’t have been able to win 7 World Championship medals without a clear goal, years of training, dedication, learning from experts and passion for what I was doing. I approach everyday the same way with whatever I am striving for.

Like any skill, speaking to large groups of people effectively is an art that is learned and practiced. In the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to speak at various events and there is ALWAYS room for improvement. I am eager to improve and learn as much as I can about speaking, story telling and how to reach and inspire people effectively. What better way than to learn from one of the best!

Last weekend I attended the High Impact Speaking Showcase hosted by Steve Lowell.  I was really excited because my dad came with me. My dad has already taught me so much about public speaking and I really look up to him, so it was special to spend the day together.  Together, we learned even more at this  Showcase.

Steve Lowell had been coaching 10 speakers for the past few months, and the last part of their session with him was the weekend’s seminar plus an opportunity to speak to a large audience (people like me!) I was by far the youngest person there but I didn’t care. I went eager to observe and learn because the really cool part about the day was in between each one of the 10 speaker’s talks, Steve Lowell would coach the audience on speaking as an art and shared his knowledge with us.

Kayla Maduk with Steve Lowell

I really enjoyed the day and learned a lot of practical and easily applicable tools to put into my tool box for when I give talks. Just like when I’m in the sparring ring, I need different ‘tools’ (skills) in my tool box’ to get the job done right.  I was extremely inspired with ways to apply the things I was learning. I left like an Energizer Bunny full of excitement and ideas.

IMG_2282In the next couple months I am making a professional promo video for my website.  You can now follow me  on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  I am putting together a Believe Project page for my website and finally, I am revamping my talk/presentations. I am contacting schools, sports clubs, organizations and other events, promoting my Believe Project in hopes to get the message out there.  This all ties in nicely with my 2nd year of University in Commerce with the focus on Marketing.

 The Believe Project is an empowerment for girls/women of all ages, to discover their passion, develop their confidence, and strive to be the best versions of themselves by stepping into the ring (metaphorically speaking of course 😉 ).

Be Passionate – Be Confident – Be You



It all started with my hot pink warm up hoodie, that had “believe” on the front, Canada on the sleeve and www.ikicklikeagirl.com on the back. I never imagined that it would turn into something much more powerful than just my own confidence booster for competing but I’m am extremely honoured and grateful. For more details, check out my hoodie page. http://ikicklikeagirl.com/product/hoodie/

I am extremely passionate about sharing my story and hopefully being able to unite girls/women across Canada, inspiring them to believe in themselves and that they can achieve their wildest dreams.

Growing up in sport I had inspiring role models, and now I want to give back. I look forward to being able to share my message while challenging girls to believe in themselves courageously and step into the ring of their own lives.

Stay tuned for exciting updates to come!