Happy Valentines Day – Wow, Another Amazing Surprise Gift

Mr. LeGrow is away for a couple of weeks so it means that the Black Belt instructors will be helping out more.  I’ve made up my little Valentine bags for the kids and I’m off to the dojang. It’s going to be fun.  I’m really looking forward to some great training with Mr. Martel as well.  It’s been a long time since we’ve trained together.

Little Valentine Treats

O.K. I just got back from training (it’s 10:30pm) and I have to tell you about tonight’s class.  First of all the kids (big and small) loved their little jelly bean bags

My two TKD Valentines

Then I was given the most precious gift ever from Katie Murphy!  It was a ‘build a bear’ in a TKD uniform with a gold medal around it’s neck.   I have to admit I’ve always wanted one 🙂   I’ve never felt anything softer in my entire life 🙂  I’m definitely going to find a way to pack him in my suitcase to New Zealand.

Thanks Katie- This Means So Much to Me!!!!!

Then it was back to hard core training 🙂

Mr. Martel used to coach me for years and it was great to train with him again.  I forgot just how tough he is 🙂  I have strict instructions from Mr. LeGrow of what he wants and doesn’t want me to do while he is away so we did a lot of cardio and biometrics.  It was such an awesome workout.  I also worked on certain movements in my patterns but my legs were like jello after all the legs work.  Stretching felt soooo good after wards.

Now it’s back to studying for a test tomorrow.  Good night – it’s been a great day.