Happy Father’s Day

I took a bit of a break this week from Taekwon-do and only trained two nights.  I didn’t realize how tired I was both physically and mentally.  I guess I was more stressed about the National Selections than I wanted to admit.  It’s also been a crazy time trying to finish up all the school assignments and projects.  I can’t believe that this is my last week in middle school before I graduate.  Just finding a grad dress was stressful enough 🙂

The OSU Force Soccer season officially began a couple weeks ago as well so there were several games to kick off the season. Fortunately all of our away games are this month.  Last Sunday we went to Kingston for a game then Wednesday we had another game and today we went to Trenton for a game.  We won all three.  Once next month comes my games will all be local which is great so it won’t interfere with my TKD training.  I think that cross training is so much fun and I feel stronger from doing both sports.  My soccer team is going to Florida in July for a week but I’m not going.  It’s too expensive to do so much traveling so I had to make some choices.  Competing in the World Championships is a goal that I’ve had for years and now I get the chance to follow through with it.

My Grandpa comes to all my games and today we celebrated his 81st birthday and Father’s day.  My mom made cupcakes for all the players and parents and my grandpa brought his ukulele to sing “Happy Birthday”.  It was so cute and all my friends liked it too.  Two of my team mates lost their grandpa’s in the last few weeks so I know I’m lucky to have mine there.   I felt kinda bad that  I couldn’t do much for my dad today but we made the day into a fun little road trip.  I know he likes watching the games too.

This week is going to be busy with award assemblies at school and then graduation for both me and my brother.  I’m really looking forward to summer holidays next week so I can start a good training routine and get some sleep!

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  1. Give your grandpa a hug for me. My husband and I danced with your grandpa and grandma when they lived in North Bay. I spoke to him to-day and he gave me your website. You are a very busy girl, but I know it comes naturally having known your grandparents. We now live in BC and often think of our good times together back east. Another challenge to you – learn to dance – great exercise both for the body and the brain. Many of the Round Dancers we know are in their 80’s and 90’s and still dancing. Your grandpa would love to dance with you.
    Good luck in all your endeavours.

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