Great to go Visit Cedarview Middle School Again!

Today was ‘take your child to work day’ so I went to work with my mom.  She is a Home Stager/Decorator and it was interesting to see how she spends her day 🙂

Between appointments we dropped by my old middle school from last year.  I have wanted to go back since school started but I never have time to get there before training.  It was so amazing seeing some of my favorite teachers and administrative staff. I wanted to see more of them but I ran out of time since it was at the end of their lunch hour.  It was like being at home again.  It made me realize what a great school it was and how much I miss all the great sport teams and extra activities.  I really felt like part of that school since I was involved in everything.  Don’t get me wrong I love my new high school but until the World Championships are over I’ve been spending all my time training so I haven’t really been involved yet.  I had a nice talk with my phys-ed teacher (Mr. Gervais) and we talked about the sacrifices people have to make to reach their goals and not giving up in defeat.  It’s funny how every teacher said that I should  journal all these experiences and that is what this blog is to me.  It was great to see my home room teacher (Mr. Campbell) again since he really helped me with math and science and those are courses that I love this year since I understand them 🙂  Seeing my English teacher (Ms. Morgan) also made me realize that she was the one who got me to like writing last year.  Who knew I would it help me so much now 🙂

I plan on going back soon and maybe do some of my community hours there.

My training feels really good this week and my leg is all better!  After Friday I will stop my heavy training and just gently go through patterns, stretch and continue with my yoga.  This time next week and I’ll be in Vancouver….yay!

1 thought on “Great to go Visit Cedarview Middle School Again!”

  1. Hey Kayla,

    just wanted to wish you all the very best for your Vancouver tournament. Have great fun, cause that’s really all it’s about. We’re so proud of you no matter how you do! Remember that, you’re great, just the way you are,

    that being said, GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love Helen and Family xoxox

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