Getting Better But Still Not Good Enough

I competed in my first Twilight Track Meet tonight.  They are held every Wednesday night at the Terry Fox Track.  I still need to qualify for the National Standard in the Javelin and the Discus.  I have already qualified for Shot Put. 

Tonight was only for Javelin and I really had high hopes to throw 37metres.  I increased my distance by over 4 metres from last weekend but I still didn’t make the standard.  Although I’m happy by the increase I know I have to do better this weekend and the Legion Provincial Try-Outs.

I am so thankful that Bill stayed after the meet with me for more training.  There was no way I was ready to leave the track without figuring some stuff out while it was still fresh in my mind! It was so weird….I threw much better when it was just the two of us out in the field.  At least I know it’s possible 🙂  Practice makes perfect! 

I’ve also been going to the park to track during the day to some jumping drills and running sprints working on my leg strength and explosion.  Hopefully all these extra little things will make a difference.  I’m determined to reach my own personal goals and I’ll do whatever it takes 🙂

It was awesome throwing with the javelin crew.  They are a fun group of people.  I was the only young thrower tonight in my division but there were several very skilled adult throwers which is inspiring.  On everyone’s last throw we all did the clapped to get the momentum going and it was a lot of fun.  At that point no one had anything to lose so it was a nice way to end the meet.

Next Wednesday’s Meet I will throw the Shot Put and the Discus.  Thanks for coming back from your cottage Bill for the Meet.  I really appreciated it and I know the other throwers love your encouragment and guidance too 🙂