First Week Back at School/Training After Holidays

Well,  it’s back to school and exam time.  I have to admit it’s hard to fit it all in sometimes.  Lunch breaks are really the only time I have to study.   I’ve trained everyday either at the dojang or on my own, had two soccer practices and went to two soccer games.  It killed me sitting on the sidelines as my team played the two games.  I wanted to play so badly but I it’s just not worth the risk of injury so close to the World Championships.  I’m very lucky that my soccer coach and team mates are understanding.

My family and I have been working very hard at organizing a HUGE fundraiser event that will be on Feb 6th.  I’ve been going door to door to all the local businesses and they have been extremely generous by donating items for my silent auction and raffle draws at the event.  Friends have also really stepped up and volunteered to help out.  It can sometimes be overwhelming how nice people have been to me.  I’ll post the poster once it’s ready.

Training is going really well.  There are so many little details to work out.  Mr. LeGrow filmed my pattern the other day and we will be going over each movement in detail this week for improvement.  I’ve also been reviewing a lot of my previous sparring matches to see what I could have done better.  It’s so hard since you never know what to expect in sparring and what worked once before might not work against a different fighter.

I spent some time instructing a gentlemen at his first TKD class.   It’s good to be an instructor sometimes since it’s going back to the very basics.   You need to have a solid foundation before you move onto harder moves.  If you learn the first movements incorrectly it’s really hard to change them later on.  The best way to learn is to teach.

2 thoughts on “First Week Back at School/Training After Holidays”

  1. Kayla, Kayla, Kayla!
    This is so exciting! Mike sent me the link to your website…. look at you! Anyways, sounds like you are doing really well, and I just thought I would stop by to send you some words of encouragement. I will most definitely keep checking out your website!
    Keep kicking (haha!),

    PS. Are you still playing footy at all??

  2. Hey Heather, it’s so nice to hear from you. I really appreciate you checking out my site. How are things going with you? How’s your soccer going? Still being amazing? Of course I’m still playing soccer!….I have to say though, we all miss having you around.

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