Feels Good To Be Back to a Training Schedule

This week I had two soccer games and then a practice.  I find that all the running is really helping with my cardio and my overall strengthening.  Today my team went to Florida for 10 days for soccer tournament at Disney World.  I would have loved to go with them but this is just another one of the choices I have to make if I want to compete at the International level for TKD.  I have to save up to fly to Vancouver for Nationals and to New Zealand.

My best friend Dani has been doing Karate and Wushu for several years and she asked if I wanted to go watch her train.  It was really cool to see other martial arts.  I was surprised how beautiful the Wushu patterns were.  I felt like I was watching a soaring eagle since the movements are so large and flowy. You really have to be flexible.  The stances are so much wider than in TKD and there knees are really bent and they get to wear nice silky pants.   She asked if I would bring my uniform and give a little pattern demo in front of the young kids.  It was a lot of fun and they had some good questions.  I find it interesting how all the martial arts have some common elements. It was also cool to see her do a sword demonstration for me.  It’s weird that we’ve never seen each other in that environment after all these years.  I would like her to come to my dojang some day to give a Wushu demonstration.

Giving a TKD demonstration at a local Karate/Wushu Dojo

Today I went in early to the dojang and helped instruct the young new belts.  I can’t believe how cute they are.  It’s hard for me to remember ever being that small in class – but I was :).  They are so keen and eager.

Then I had a really good 3 hour work out for Patterns and Sparring.   I can already tell I’m going to be sore in the morning.  I did so many sit-ups and push-ups! 🙂

Mr. LeGrow (my instructor) has been in Jamaica for the last week competing in an Intercontinental Cup so I’m looking forward to hearing all about it when he gets back tomorrow.

Aren't These Little 'Warrior Princesses' Adorable?

This week I’ll be taking a one hour bus ride every morning at 7:00 to Orleans so I can help with the summer camp in the morning and then I’ll train all afternoon and then I have three soccer practices in the evenings.  Even though my soccer team will be away my soccer coach wants me to train with the soccer team that is one year older.

We are also having a meeting to plan some fundraising events to help raise money for the dojang and for the other club members that want to go to Nationals.